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Create your own license to sell

Get familiair with the regulatory landscape, identify your responsibilities and start acting!

Identify the gaps

Compare your current processes with the legal requirements to identify the gaps.

Calculate the risk

Every gap imposes a risk. The question is: How big is the risk? Be prepared and calculate your risk.

Prioritise and start

Is the risk too high? Define what is acceptable instead, prioritise and start now!

Product Compliance

When selling any products (big machines, screws, toys, pens etc.) to customers: keep in mind that you have a role when it comes to product compliance. It doesn’t matter if you are only a distributor, a brand-owner, a manufacturer: you have responsibilities! Know which ones!

Supply chain

All product laws together can sometimes feel as a spiders web. Especially when operating in multiple countries with a wide range of products this is often a challenge. Knowing where and how to start can therefore be difficult. Adjusting your supply chain with small steps to become compliant step by step is key!

Knowledge is power

Invest in knowledge to become self-sustainable! Product compliance is not difficult: you just need to know what to do. Have your purchasing or product management department trained to know just enough to create your own license to sell!

“Legal topics easily explained! Would recommend a training.”


“Crisk Consultancy has a pragmatic approach. The biggest product compliance risks were easily identified and we have implemented small steps to reduce the risk.”


“Good knowledge on change behaviour and strategic approach.”


Let’s work together on getting your company compliant!